Carol MCGilliard

Carol McGilliard

Carol McGilliard, OTR/L is an Occupational Therapist who has been serving children with disabilities since 1980 as the Director and Founder of The Center for Therapeutic Intervention.

Carol started her career as a Special Education/Regular Education Teacher. She taught three years before she received an additional degree and Certificate in Occupational therapy.

Over the past 15 years, she has been both a teacher and practitioner of vibrational medicine. Carol is a Certified Medical Intuitive. She integrates Quantum Contracts, Healing Touch, Craniosacral, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Myofascial Release, and Meditation. These healing therapies provide a foundation to support the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of all persons. 

Vibrational medicine is a practice that supports the balance of earth energy with the energy of the universe. A person who maintains a healthy balance is able to be more intentional and responsive to the demands of daily life. This therapy facilitates a strong mind - body awareness.

Vibrational medicine is appropriate in dealing with pain both emotionally and physically, including the treatment of anxiety, depression, fear and physical disorders or disabilities. It hastens the healing process related to illness and disease and supports the development of a strong inner peace.

Carol offers a weekly Qigong Heart Meditation Class on Fridays from Noon until 1:00 PM. During this class she integrates different forms of meditation, creating a sense of wellbeing. There class is offered free of charge.

In her off time, Carol has a passion for the outdoors, animals  and her family. She enjoys organic gardening, reading, and running.

Carol schedules clients by appointment only. You can reach her at (253) 254-6657.