Harbor Wellbeing - Brian

Brian D. O’Connor

Mental Health
& Substance
Abuse Counselor

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I am a mental health and substance abuse counselor and meditation instructor. My practice focuses on assisting others in learning how to work with emotional pain, and in learning how to create a sense of wellbeing.

I graduated from Naropa University in 1979 with a masters’ degree in Buddhist & Western Psychology. I spent the next 18 years with the UCHSC, School of Medicine, ARTS Programs, as a counselor and then assistant director of residential and outpatient programs for severely delinquent youth. In 1997, I moved to Gig Harbor and went into private practice.

My therapy practice encompasses a variety of counseling approaches which allows for flexibility in developing a plan based on individual needs. Counseling can be short-term or long-term.

I work with adults who are seeking assistance with:

  • Growth and Change
  • Relationship Stresses
  • Career and Life Issues
  • Drug or Alcohol Addiction
  • Anxiety, Stress, Bipolar Disorder, Depression and other symptoms that interfere with living life more completely
  • The Value and Challenges of ADD
  • Purpose, Meaning and Life Journey Questions

May You Be Well